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Timeless, simple, functional, and bohemian! Chivit’s handcrafted pieces made from high-quality leather flawlessly complement both women’s and men’s style, acting as the perfect authentic accessory to any outfit. Combining details that show loyalty to the heritage along with experience and new trends, Chivit draws attention with its strong stance.

The creators behind the Chivit brand, are award-winning fashion designer Tolga Turan and his wife, photographer Ozgul Ozgule Turan. The couple came upon the fading craftsmanship of leather saddle stitching while traveling together. Following high demand for the leather goods which Ozgul made by hand as a present to Tolga, they decided to create Chivit in 2013. 

Our story began by reminding ourselves the value of care and effort behind every piece, and its work and detail. Our passion for the color indigo has brought us to "çivitblue” which is equivalent to this color in our land.

We named our brand Chivit, which symbolizes our dreams as well as the color of our intuition. We are a brand that interprets uniquely handcrafted, and saddle stitched, durable leather goods with modern designs. Starting from the design of a product, every phase of production is carried out by a member of the Chivit family without the use of any machine, all made by hand. As part of our sustainability and recycling philosophy, we strictly work with traditionally processed and natural tanned leather, and by no means use any kind of exotic leather.