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What kind of precautions have we taken for Covid-19 pandemic as the Chivit Family?

April 27, 2020

What kind of precautions have we taken for Covid-19 pandemic as the Chivit Family?

We realize we are going through some rough times. We are in this together. 

So, what kind of precautions have we taken as the Chivit family? 

Starting on 13 March 2020, we isolated ourselves in our house/ workshop in order to keep our family and our community safe. Our core family members are Özgül, Tolga and our 2-year-old daughter Leya. 

During this time, we have been properly sterilizing all cargo and packages without making any physical contact whatsoever. We are taking the necessary measures to disinfect all orders before packaging and sending them out. 

Aside from spending loads of time together, we are doing what makes us feel best, which is using our stock of raw material to create handmade Chivit items.

We have been spending more time thinking of what we can do in an effort to encourage kindness, empathy, tranquility, and cooperation. 

If you would like to join us; 

You can do one of the following, or depending on your means, a few of the following:


  • If you have extra bread, you can ask if your neighbors need any.
  • You can ask your elderly neighbors who may not be as technologically advanced whether they need anything and can order for them online.
  • You can leave food and water outside your door or window for the animals and birds that live outside.
  • By not shopping for anything you don’t need or anything that’s not urgent, you can help prioritize and take off some of the delivery workload. 
  • You can support your neighborhood market, butcher, grocery store as well as small and local brands by shopping locally.

Even if you can’t do any of the above, and even if it’s from behind your window, you can smile or wave to anyone you see so that they feel like they are not alone.
We miss you a lot. 
No matter what happens, we are so glad we have you.
Stay safe and stay healthy. 

We owe a lot to our health professionals

Due to our family members, for years now we have closely witnessed all our doctors’ and health professionals’ devotion to their work. Now, the whole country, citizens of countries in the whole world in fact, are witnessing their selflessness as well. Despite difficult working conditions, they are working day and night in order for us to stay healthy. They are not only our biggest supporters, they are our biggest hope. 

As the Chivit family, We owe a profound debt of gratitude to all our health professionals.
Thank you.